Parsi Food Menu


  • Lamb/Chicken Kavab (12 pcs) – spiced minced Lamb or Chicken Kebab
  • Lamb/Chicken Pattice (12 pcs) spiced mashed potato pattice stuffed with cooked Lamb/Chicken mince
  • Chutney Egg Pattice (12 pcs) – mash spiced potato pattice with boiled egg, coriander & coconut chutney
  • Mixed Vegetable Pattice (12 pcs) – spiced mashed potato pattice stuffed with mixed vegetables
  • Marinated Chicken Fry (12 pcs) – marinated boneless chicken and lightly fried

Mains  – minimum order for 4 people

  • Lamb/Chicken Pulao Dal – marinated lamb/chicken in basmati rice, chunky fried potato and  masala dal
  • Lamb/Chicken Dhansak – sunday lunch favourite; basmati rice (gently caramelised) , spiced dal cooked with lamb or chicken
  • Dhandar and Kolmino Patiyo –  lentils and prawns in sweet and sour sauce, served white basmati rice,
  • Masala Dal Rice –  spiced lentils served with fragrant basmati rice
  • Lamb/Chicken/Prawns Curry Rice – Parsi curry, freshly grated coconut n spices with lamb, chicken or prawns, served with fragrant basmati rice
  • Lamb/Chicken Ras n Rice- tangy spiced tomato gravy with lamb or chicken, served with basmati rice
  • Lamb/Chicken Biryani – parsi style basmati rice in layers of spiced sauce with marinated lamb or chicken
  • Sali Margi/ Sali Gos –lamb or chicken slow cooked in spiced sauce served with potato straws and chapatti
  • Papeta Ma Gos – slow cooked potato and lamb stew, served with basmati rice
  • Salli per Eeda – whole eggs cooked over spiced and tangy potato straws/sticks, served with chapatti
  • Papeta per Eeda – a parsi style frittata , whole eggs cooked over spiced potato discs, served with chapatti
  • Marghi Moghlai Korma – Mahrukh’s special, creamy, mildly spiced chicken korma served with basmati rice
  • Kaju Ni Marghi – creamy slow cooked spiced sauce of grounded cashews with chicke, served with basmati rice
  • Lamb Kheema with green peas – spiced minced lamb with garden peas and diced potatoes
  • Khattu Gos – slow cooked sweet and sour lamb in a thick gravy, served with basmati rice
  • Lagansara vegetable stew – sweet, sour, spiced stew of pan fried vegetables, served with chapatti

Please give three days notice to prepare your order. We do not deliver. Collection only.


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