Parsi speciality items

Speciality and Seasonal Items

Vasanu – £28.00 per kg (delightful zesty winter fudge)

Sweet Bhakra – £8.40 /dozen (sweet parsi style doughnuts with cashew, almond and cardamom

Dar ni  Poli – £8.00 each (pastry filled with sweet dal, dry fruits,nuts,cardamom n nutmeg)

Gajar Mewa Achar – £5.00/250 gms  (grated carrot,  dry fruits, sweet, sour pickle) —– Seasonal

Malido – £22.00 per kg (rich dessert, enjoyed warm)

Parsi sweet Sev – £20.00/ kg (a special occasion favourite; sweet vermicelli garnished with butter glazed fruit and nuts)

Lagan nu Custard  (baked Parsi dessert) –  9″x 9″ tray £20.00 or 9″x 12″ tray £25.00

Mango Chundo – £6.00/ 250 gms (Shredded mango pickle)  ——- Seasonal

Diced Mango Pickle – £6.00/ 250 gms (Raw mango, spices,sugar,vinegar) —Seasonal

Mango Bafenu – £6.00/ each (whole ripe mango, pickled in mustard, garlic, sugar,vinegar) -Seasonal

Kustis  are also available in different lengths

To register your interest, please fill the contact form on the home page or send an email to let us know which items and quantity you require. We shall get in touch with you prior to cooking a fresh batch and take your order. Delivery charges are additional.