About Mahrukh

Mahrukh’s passion for food started at a very early age. Her house in Mumbai was near a farmers market, where she used to go regularly  with her mother to purchase fresh produce. From dairy products, fresh fruit, poultry and meat,  fish, vegetables, spices,  baked goods – it was all there on her doorstep. She used to help in the kitchen with cooking, tasting and slowly learned the various traditional skills. Hence, this  experience inspired her to create authentic Parsi food, from homemade recipes.

London is a melting pot of culture with a wide range of food available from all around the world. Most importantly, Mahrukh’s mission is to increase the reach of Parsi cuisine to a larger population and getting many more Londoners to try out Parsi food, that they would never had a chance to have otherwise.

Mahrukh stays in Mill Hill, a leafy suburb of North London. She uses fresh produce and ingredients from small independent shops, to create knockout dishes of traditional Parsi cuisine. She believes that Parsi food is special (not all about curry) and wants to carve a distinct niche for itself.